Large Mop Bucket Trolley with Wringer and Buckets


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  • Luxury double barrel water press truck
  • Super capacity bucket
  • Chassis and PVC basket load up to 75kg, and super stable
  • Large capacity garbage bag
  • Clean the daily garbage of 50 hotel rooms at one time
  • Folding products, saving space
  • Size: 132*45*110cm


Large Mop Bucket Trolley with Wringer and Buckets Plastic wheeled base with holding frame for a waste sack, three large plastic trays, 2 x 10 l bucket (red and blue), 2 x 15 l bucket with mop wringer, high quality plastic castors.

Introducing our Large Mop Bucket Trolley, complete with a wringer and multiple buckets, designed to revolutionize your cleaning experience. This versatile cleaning solution is perfect for large-scale cleaning tasks in commercial or industrial environments. The trolley design provides ultimate mobility and convenience, allowing you to easily transport your cleaning supplies from one area to another. The included wringer efficiently removes excess water from your mop, ensuring optimal dampness for effective cleaning while reducing strain on your hands. With the Mega Mop Bucket Trolley, you’ll have multiple buckets at your disposal, allowing for separate compartments for clean water and dirty water, maintaining hygienic cleaning practices. Each bucket is crafted from high-quality materials, providing durability and resistance against chemicals and water. The spacious capacity of the buckets minimizes the need for frequent refills, saving you time and effort. The trolley also features additional storage compartments, enabling you to keep your cleaning tools and supplies organized and easily accessible. Upgrade your cleaning efficiency with our Mega Mop Bucket Trolley, and experience a new level of convenience and effectiveness for your commercial or industrial cleaning needs.