Sanitary Bins 19 Ltr Pedal Type Dust Bin

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Introducing the Sanitary Bins 19 Ltr, the ultimate solution for discreet and hygienic waste disposal in any bathroom or washroom facility. Designed with both functionality and style in mind, this sleek and compact bin effortlessly blends into any environment while providing a generous 19-liter capacity to accommodate high-traffic areas. Its durable, odor-resistant construction ensures maximum hygiene and cleanliness, while the convenient foot pedal operation allows for hands-free and easy disposal of sanitary products. With a secure lid and a removable inner liner for quick and effortless cleaning, the Sanitary Bin 19L guarantees a hassle-free experience for both users and maintenance staff. Say goodbye to unsightly and unhygienic waste bins and upgrade to the Sanitary Bin 19 Ltr – the perfect balance of form, function, and cleanliness for modern washrooms.


  • Generous 19-liter capacity for high-traffic areas
  • Sleek and compact design that seamlessly blends into any bathroom or washroom facility
  • Durable and odor-resistant construction for maximum hygiene and cleanliness
  • Convenient foot pedal operation for hands-free and easy disposal of sanitary products
  • Secure lid to prevent odor and ensure discreet waste containment
  • Removable inner liner for quick and effortless cleaning
  • Designed for easy maintenance and waste management
  • Ideal for both commercial and residential use
  • Promotes a clean and sanitary environment
  • Enhances the overall aesthetics of the washroom facility
  • Reliable and long-lasting construction for extended use.