Ultimate Hand Wash – 5 Liters in three flavor (Lemon, Green Apple, Rose)

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Introducing the Ultimate Hand Wash 5L in three refreshing flavors: Lemon, Green Apple, and Rose. This luxurious hand wash is meticulously crafted to provide a thorough cleansing experience, removing dirt and bacteria while leaving your hands feeling clean and refreshed. With its invigorating Lemon scent, revitalizing Green Apple fragrance, or captivating Rose aroma, this hand wash transforms the mundane task of washing hands into a sensory delight. The 5-liter size ensures a long-lasting supply, making it perfect for families, businesses, and busy environments. Elevate your hand hygiene routine with the Ultimate Hand Wash 5L and indulge in a burst of fragrance and cleanliness.

  • 100% better germ protection
  • Trusted Protection
  • ph Balanced


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Rose, Lemon, Green Apple