Glozee All Purpose Cleaner – 5 Liters (set of 1)


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The Glozee All Purpose Cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution designed to effectively clean a wide range of surfaces and remove various types of stains and dirt. It is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used for general cleaning tasks.

Instructions: Dilute in water at 5-20 %, depending on density of rust stain. Apply directly on the surface to treat. In dishwashing machines and circuits, put the dose in the water and run the machine until it is completely clean. Use with caution on metallic surfaces. After each application, rinse thoroughly with water.


Please note that the Glozee All Purpose Cleaner does not contain aggressive descaling properties like lime and rust removal. If you specifically require a descaler, you may need to consider using a different product that is formulated for such purposes.